DCprime and Radboudumc to collaborate

Leiden, The Netherlands and Nijmegen, The Netherlands, March 2019– DCprime and Radboudumc announce that they will collaborate as part of a public-private consortium supported by The Dutch Top Sector Life Sciences and Health, represented by Stichting Life Sciences Health – TKI, also acting under its trade name Health~Holland, under the project title “Dendritic Cell Targeting for Resetting Immune Balance”.

Dr Satwinder Kaur Singh, Director Research of DCprime comments: “We are very pleased with the opportunity to collaborate with leading dendritic cell expert Prof Dr Jolanda de Vries at Radboudumc. It is crucial that we combine dendritic cell biology with cancer vaccine know how, which is the basis of our collaboration. DCprime will apply that knowledge in the optimal design of cancer vaccines and in further clinical studies”.

Dr Jolanda de Vries, Professor Tumour Immunology at Radboudumc adds: “Excellent to have DCprime on board of this consortium with excellent researchers in immunology and companies aiming at bringing DC therapy to patient care. I hope we learn how we can equip these cells the best we can for diseases like cancer, allergy and autoimmunity”.

About DCprime bv
DCprime is a privately owned, clinical stage biotechnology company focused on cancer immunotherapies. Founded in 2005, DCprime currently develops cell based cancer vaccines based on its proprietary technology platform DCOne®, with lead DCOne® asset DCP-001 being studied in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). A completed Phase I study has demonstrated that DCP-001 is generally safe and capable of inducing a broad immune response. DCprime has received orphan drug designation from the European Medicines Agency for DCP-001 in AML and has commenced a multi-centre Phase II trial. DCprime intends to develop DCOne®-based vaccines in other cancer indications, including multiple myeloma and solid tumours. For more information, visit www.dcprime.com.

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