Our vision

What drives us is the realization that there is still a lot to be won in the treatment of cancer. Not only in terms of survival, but also in the quality of life of people living with cancer. DCprime aims to make a meaningful contribution to the field of immuno-oncology, by bringing highly relevant and safe cancer vaccines to market. This requires a deeper understanding of underlying disease mechanisms, including interaction between tumour and immune system, in which we continue to invest. We anticipate that disruptive new cancer treatments will be the result of collaborative efforts, so we strive to work together with relevant academic groups, hospitals and other companies to help shape a new era in cancer immunotherapeutics.

Our management

Erik Manting, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

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Jeroen Rovers, MD PhD
Chief Medical Officer

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Our supervisory board

Dharminder Chahal
Supervisory Board

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Our investors

DCprime is supported by Van Herk Ventures.