Strategic Investment by Van Herk Group in Cancer Vaccine Company DCPrime

Rotterdam, Leiden – Van Herk Royalty, part of the Van Herk Groep, announced today a strategic investment of an undisclosed sum in Dutch cancer vaccine company DCPrime. The financing provides DCPrime with funding for the further development of its technology platform, and is in line with the long-term investment strategy of the Van Herk Group.

The financing arrangement enables DCPrime to continue the development of its DCOne® technology platform. This platform is the basis for development of vaccines for application in both hematological as well as solid cancers. DCPrime is a clinical stage company, and its DCOne® platform technology combines antigen carrier properties with immune-stimulatory properties of dendritic cells, allowing development of off-the-shelf dendritic cell-based vaccines for a broad range of cancer types. DCPrime has successfully completed a Phase I/IIa study in AML, and is in the process of developing a commercial scale manufacturing process for DCOne®-derived vaccines.

The Van Herk Group has a portfolio of over EUR 2 billion in real estate and biotechnology. Among its successful investments are Galapagos and the former Crucell, now part of Johnson & Johnson. Dharminder Chahal, CEO of SkylineDx and investment manager of the Van Herk Group, will become supervisory board member of DCPrime, and Ada Kruisbeek, founder of DCPrime, will become CEO and CSO of DCPrime.