Cell based cancer vaccines
DCprime has both the infrastructure and capabilities to bring cancer immunotherapeutics to clinic. Initially exploiting the proprietary DCOne® platform, DCprime is developing cell based vaccines against different types of cancer.
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Immuno-oncology beyond T cells
Since successful vaccination requires an immune system capable of mounting an effective response to the vaccine, DCprime continues to invest in research into furthering understanding of the condition of the immune system during or after treatment of cancer.
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  • DCprime Presents Comprehensive Preclinical Results Supporting Lead Clinical Candidate DCP-001 13 May, 2019 Leiden, The Netherlands, May 14, 2019 – DCprime, the front-runner in the field of relapse vaccines, today announced presentations of additional preclinical data sets for its lead program, DCP-001, at the 7th CCBIO Annual Symposium and the 2019 CIMT Annual Meeting. The data supports key product characteristics and sheds additional light on the mechanism-of-action of ... Read more
  • DCprime Strengthens Supervisory Board with the Additions of Andrea van Elsas and Hans Preusting 25 April, 2019 Leiden, The Netherlands, April 25, 2019 – DCprime, the front-runner in the field of relapse vaccines, today announced the appointment of two highly-experienced industry veterans, Andrea van Elsas, Ph.D. and Hans Preusting, Ph.D., M.B.A, to its Supervisory Board. The newest members complement the existing Board, with Dharminder Chahal remaining Chairman and representing Van Herk Investments, ... Read more
  • DCprime and Radboudumc to collaborate 14 March, 2019 Leiden, The Netherlands and Nijmegen, The Netherlands, March 2019– DCprime and Radboudumc announce that they will collaborate as part of a public-private consortium supported by The Dutch Top Sector Life Sciences and Health, represented by Stichting Life Sciences Health – TKI, also acting under its trade name Health~Holland, under the project title “Dendritic Cell Targeting ... Read more